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Tuesday, October 27, 2009
DO you have the GRIT?

I've reached the 40s mark... I mean my weight. I've been officially 49kg for two consecutive days. That's despite the weekend buffet with Chris. I'm so excited. Bimboitic yes I know but.. imagine the amount of determination I have to get to my 'destination'.

I've always been determined in whatever I do. That is if I put my heart into them. Sometimes things don't work out well, sometimes things even got to points of no return... irreparable damage, even. But I can proudly say I move on. Brave the storm, come what may.

I wonder if my stubbornness have got anything to do with this determined streak. Whatever it is, I'm glad. If not I won't be where I am now. I may not be the happiest woman on earth; I do envy young single gals who prowl the night with their drop dead gorgeous looks, but I'm contented with what I have. I've got to drill this endlessly into my head, lest I become disgruntled about my current situation.

1) minimal sleep
2) no 'me' time
3) financially strapped by the kids
4) emotionally strapped by ahem, the kids again
5) minimal 'couple' time
6) inability to climb the corporate ladder

I should say point number 6 have gotta be the greatest sacrifice ever. I've been ambitious, all my life. But since the birth of Isaac, I've seen my desire to climb the ladder diminished, even to the extent of shunning away from opportunities. This I'm extremely guilty of.

No doubt I feel a tad bit of 'frittering my life' away, still I've gain much more. Family is what really counts, they'd be there when I die, not my employers. I miss work; I love my job, but I'm never going to miss watching my kids grow up. This is something I'd never wanna look back and regret upon.

Sounds unconvincing, albeit true. Do I have the guts to carry on what I do? Continue my life journey in this direction? I do, definitely.

What did you choose? Which route did you take in your life journey? Do you have the grit to carry on? Do you?